Missing Rock Concerts

Right now, Kari Jobe is less than a mile away from my house. (I could literally put on my running shoes, and be at her hotel. Not that I’ve thought about it or anything.) But she might as well be across the country. Tonight thousands will flock to our city’s arena and hear her sing and lead tremendous worship
–but not me.

Why, you ask? Because of barking.

Last night around midnight, I heard barking across the hall.
It was my daughter, it was Croup.

When I pulled out last year’s humidifier from our hall closet…it looked like it was hit with the Black Plague. (That was disappointing.) In a flash, my husband was gone to buy a new one. Meanwhile, I lay with her next to me in our bed, pulling her warm, feverish body close to mine. “Shhh,” I whispered. “It’s okay.”

My husband must have bought an industrial grade model. Because let me tell you, it felt like a SWAMP in our bedroom last night. I swear I felt raindrops at one point as the whole water cycle was happening in our bedroom. I mean, it was thick in there.

But she could breathe.
And that’s all that mattered.

This morning, as she and I stayed home from church, I popped in a live DVD performance of Bethel Music’s, “You Make Me Brave.” And who should appear on the stage, but Kari Jobe. “Ah!” I thought, “I could be seeing her tonight!”

But alas. Here we were. Her in her pajamas, and I in my sweats. In a steamy house. Steamy like the fog that was wafting on the stage where Kari Jobe was singing on the TV screen, steamy like the arena where she would be singing tonight.

But as we watched…Selah, my daughter, got up and started dancing. And I started dancing, too. Together, in our steamy house, we started dancing, and singing, and jumping, and laughing, and I held her hands swung her around in wild, dizzying circles, while she let out a high-pitch squeal at the top of her lungs. And Kari Jobe was belting it out from the TV, and so was I. And no one was watching.

But God.

And here in this place, here my sweatpants, I suddenly didn’t mind missing the rock show tonight. The glory of God came down, right in our living room. Selah laughed, and I cried–because God is good, and God is here, and God is enough. And just to be here, in his presence, together, like this–is enough. More than enough.

Being a mom: I may miss out on some of the glamour, but none of the glory.

“Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it.” Genesis 28:16

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13 thoughts on “Missing Rock Concerts

  1. Rebekah, I needed this more than you know. I used to do this very thing with my daughter. Then, somehow after my son was born, life seemed to be so crazy I somehow forgot all about it. Why do I always think my children need to be in a nursery, sleeping, or away for me to cry out to God. Why do I not show them exactly what it means to be His child.

    Such an amazingly beautiful story of Who we serve and how much He actually loves this mom thing we are in! 🙂

    • Sasha,
      I’m so glad this spoke to you! I feel like I keep having to learn the same lesson over and over again, that these moments don’t always look glamorous, or even really that spiritual–but they are real, and important. Truly, I give my daughter the credit this morning–she’s the one who started to dance. I forget to be that childlike! But it is so fun to enjoy God in that child-like way he intended us to! P.S. I loved that your word is “content.” That completely resonated with me, and is very much what I am learning. I think that is an amazing word! Thanks for sharing your thoughts friend! 🙂

    • Yes, it did! The original plan was to have a baby sitter watch her–she wasn’t even going to be coming. But as it turned out, it was a moment we needed to share together.:) He is so good to us!

  2. I love this! Isn’t it interesting how sometimes we go out looking for something spiritual or amazing to happen outside of our homes? Then only to realize that typically the most spiritual and amazing things happen right where we are, every day? Thank you for the added perspective. Life with children is a spiritual life, because it seems they are much more in tune with where they came from and whose they are–God’s. Thank you, Rebekah! And thank you for your meaningful comment on my blog. You are such a fabulous person. 🙂

  3. Mmm, such a great picture of the sacrifice of mamahood and yet the glorious returns of it. Thank you for staying home and loving up on your little girl… and for dancing with her when she was ready. It’ll be a golden memory for you always.

  4. That last line. Trading glamour for glory….why wouldn’t we?!?! When we take the time to see that every decision is a spiritual one…we see purpose. We see God in little things that could have passed us by. We see blessing where others claim chance. We see protection where others proclaim luck. We choose to see God…and His glory blesses us…every.time.

    I love it! I too gave up last night to be with my four young crazies. Augies, Fanta, the Lego movie and our little family. I am beyond blessed!

    • Vanesa,
      I love your words. We just need to open our eyes to how He is working all around us. I cannot wait to hear more of your writing, you carry such an important message. Also, I am so glad you also got to stay home and enjoy the blessings God has given you! (Including the Lego movie!) (“Everything is awesome!”;)

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