Mom, Interrupted

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Sometimes I try to find some privacy in the bathroom. But then the door bursts open like a saloon and my daughter stands there like the Texas Outlaw about to put the rectal thermometer in her mouth. “Noooooo!!!” I leap off the commode.

I get interrupted. A lot. It’s the reason my hair is never quite straightened in the back. And why the laundry sits around the house in baskets. And why I have far more drafted posts than published ones. (I can’t finish a post, let alone a TEXT message without getting interrupted!)

No one told me about this before I became a mom. That your life will be full of interruptions from now to forever. I had this crazy notion that “staying home” meant my house could look like the pages of an Ikea catalogue and I’d be structured and disciplined and have these great routines for cleaning, and cooking, and writing and working out. But as it turns out: I’m a mess.

This sweet and fiesty almost-2-year-old is able to completely disarm me. Disarm my agenda. With whining, and crying, and throwing her food on the floor, and taking all the Kleenexes out of the box…and coloring on the leather couch with a permanent Sharpie. (Seriously?!)

I try to wake up early…but then she gets up earlier that day. I try to make dinner…but she wants to “help.” I try to write…but there she is…on my lap again, pushing buttons, touching the screen, and making me: the slowest blogger in history. She needs playtime and stories, and kisses, and cuddles, and me. All of me. So dinner is late again, the grocery trip gets postponed, the workout gets shortened or nixed, the post goes unpublished another day. And I get frustrated because: I want to do more. I want to be more.

Sometimes I marvel as I scroll through Pinterest and click on the pretty ideals that could only ever happen in a galaxy, far, far away. Who has time to make this? I read blogs so much better than mine, and cringe that it’s been..16?..Really? 16 days since I last posted? There go all my followers.

I feel the crumbs under my feet on the kitchen floor, and see the diaper pail overflowing, and that there are still dishes in the sink, and there will probably always be.

I look around and see that my life…is not a high-resolution photo. It is a blur. Because nothing holds still enough. Or comes into focus. Everything just seems to be slipping, falling through my hands. And spilling onto the already sticky floor.

And just when that voice starts to tell me that I need to, “Do more. Be more,” and I’m determined to really buckle down and start being more militant about my time and schedule and accomplishments—I stop and remember:

Jesus was interrupted.


He could not walk through a town without beggars calling out to him, women tugging on his coat, crowds pressing in on Him, and even…little kids climbing onto his lap.

But what did He do? Did He brush off their hands? Give them something to go occupy themselves with? Lock Himself in the bathroom saying, “I just need a break!”

No. Because Jesus never saw interruptions as “interruptions.” He just saw moments. He just saw God-directed opportunities. And He just saw people. In need of love.

And it seems, the moments of “interruption,” were Jesus’ deepest moments of ministry, the moment God came through. “Let the little children come,” He said. And when he looked at them, and pulled them close, I wonder if He might have whispered in their ears, so quiet that no one else could hear, “You. You are the reason I’m here.”

They were not keeping Jesus (the King of the World) from accomplishing some superior goal: they were the goal. They were the mission.

He gave himself—freely. Not begrudgingly. Consider the interruption of the woman who wept at His feet and dried them with her hair, and the father that plead that his daughter was going to die, and the centurion whose servant was sick, and the blind man who so desperately wanted to see. They all “interrupted.” And they all found grace.

Do I respond to interruptions with…grace?

Real hearts were healed. Real tears were dried. Real skin was touched. The moment of interruption…became the moment for ministry.

Is it any different as a mom?

What if I saw the biggest accomplishment as my time interacting with her while she is awake? And not as the psycho cleaning lady, while she is asleep? What if I lived embracing the “interruptions?” Instead of despising them? What if I saw the interruptions as an opportunity to show love? To show God? A God who is not too busy to be interrupted.

Because that’s what Jesus did.

Is this not the reason I was sent? Is this not the mission? My ambition?

This morning, there’s a little girl in pink monkey pajamas, with wild blonde bed head, and oatmeal on her cheeks just waiting to burst onto the scene with all her interruptions.

And maybe, just maybe, the “interruptions,” aren’t really interruptions.

Maybe the interruptions are the most important moments of all.

The moments God comes through.

The moment I pull her onto my lap and whisper in her ear, “You. You are the reason I’m home. The reason I’m here.”


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35 thoughts on “Mom, Interrupted

  1. This is a wonderful post! It is not in the quantity but quality. God has shown you something so precious about what it means to live with you hands open to Him! I relate immensely to the interruptions. Sometimes with my children, there is so much going on that I cannot finish a thought let alone a whole post! 🙂

    • Kim,
      Haha, I totally agree about not even being able to finish a thought.;) And thank you for your encouragement. I’m glad you can relate! Certainly the “interruptions” are frequent–but realizing they are sometimes the moments we need to surrender all those expectations we put on ourselves, and just “be with” our little ones and give them our full attention. 🙂

    • LOL. I love your response. How true! How many comments, texts, emails..go unfinished..or postponed because of spilled cereal? Last week I was determined to reply to a text, and when I finished I looked over and oatmeal was dumped all over my daughter and her tray, and the floor. (Not an uncommon thing, unfortunately!) lol. Thanks for reading and relating. 🙂

  2. Rebecca, you didn’t just tell your story – you told a collective mama story here. One that we all push up against EVERY SINGLE DAY. I needed the reminder that interruptions were, to Jesus, moments of ministry – reminders that people were in need. It’s something we could do too if we all just paid attention. I love it. Thank you!

    • Rachel,
      I’m so glad you could connect with this. Like you said, it’s something we all experience–EVERY DAY. There’s that underlying pressure that we have to, at least in my mind, “Do more. Be more.” Where does that even come from?! Either way, it makes it easy to lose sight of our true, and often very simple purpose for being home—to love on these little ones! To embrace all their “interruptions” with joy. And being able to surrender our grand agendas for often very unglamorous ones! I always enjoy your thoughtful responses. And P.S. I still think of you (and your post) every time I am checking out at ALDI’S 😉 .

  3. You somehow capture my heart, my concerns and innermost feelings every time! Things I haven’t been able to describe or explain to others… your posts make me feel like someone really gets it, and you take everything to the next level to show me how my life as a new mom fits with our calling as Christians. Thank You!

    • Sarah,
      It’s good to know I’m not alone in this. And that you can relate to how I feel.:) Sometimes, especially with this post, I just felt like…this is just honestly how I feel! Am I just the crazy one? Am I the only one who feels this pressure, and seems to be collapsing under it? Am I just really bad at this? And all these other mom’s are really good at it? Every response, including yours, makes me feel strengthened, that I am not alone! I’m so glad that God speaks to us through these feelings. And also gives us Jesus as the example (once again!) for how to live and love people. Even the little people around us. Jesus often went to the secret places, the outcasts, the unglamorous, unnoticed people. I want to “let the little children come,” the way He did, and with the bursting joy that He did–and start putting more value on what He values and not what our culture values. Thanks again for your kind words. It means so much to me!

  4. Oh my dear daughter, what insight the Lord has given you. This post is so true, Jesus always saw the person in front of Him as the most important mission. May I value what Jesus values. Kiss that oatmeal faced sweet granddaughter of mine. Thank u for encouraging me today. I love u!

    • Mom,
      Thanks for reading! I will definitely kiss her oatmeal cheeks for you! (Once I wipe them off!;) I love how you said that Jesus always saw the person in front of Him as the “most important.” That is so true! Thank you for modeling this to me so well all my life. I love how you love people (including all 5 of us kids!) And how you have always shown people their value and worth by noticing and caring about them–the way Jesus did. I love you Mom! 🙂

  5. A very well-timed post. Almost prophetic, some would say. Only last night was I grumbling about “I just want to DO MORE, why can’t she just leeeeeave me alooooone for one minnnnnnute!” This is a very amazing reminder. Thanks:) I cherish each post:) x

    • Rebecca,
      Your words have encouraged my heart! Thank you for your response. I’m so glad this came at the right time! (Of course I started this post like two months ago…and only now finished it–due to the “interruptions.;) But God’s timing is perfect—and I think He must use those “interruptions” to accomplish His will in the timing and way He wants to! I’m glad you can relate and connect with this. Once again, Jesus comes through to show us what we couldn’t see any other way. I’m so amazed at how he embraced interruptions and people, and valued them so much and was willing to make himself low, to show them love. I want to keep learning this as a mom…even if it makes me the slowest blogger in history. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  6. Rebekah, this is truly a beautiful lesson. You wrote my life–the overflowing diaper pail, the sticky counters, me locked in the bathroom for some peace and quiet… you captured motherhood. You are so right–these “interruptions” are our moments to love, teach, and minister to our little ones. My real work is at home with my child, not a sparkling home and the biggest blog. You make a difference, Rebekah. I always look for your posts and get excited when you post a new one. No matter how infrequent, I’m excited to read. Thank you for this post! I’ll be pondering on it 🙂

    • Marla,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement. It really means so much to me! I’m glad you can relate. The “interruptions” are actually the REAL reason we are here doing what we are doing! How I need to remember this on a daily basis. When I keep feeling “interrupted” I need to step back and re-evaluate what I am valuing most. Thank you Marla–I’m glad we are learning so much as new moms. So glad to have met you!

      P.S. If you have not seen it yet, Youtube “housewife fails.” It’s hilarious. 😉

  7. This is perfect. I resonate 100% and appreciate your re-framing of the problem to a blessing. I need to see it that way. God gives and He takes away. I need to live fully with my gifts of love while they are here with me 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading, and just saying that, yeah, you can relate to this! It’s crazy how Jesus always seems to take the way we see things, and turns them upside-down. What seems to be the least important, becomes the most important. And what seems to be the most important, becomes the least important! The “obstacles” of a whiny child..aren’t really “obstacles,” –they are opportunities to show love. I need to keep this perspective! Thank God for the “interruptions” which may turn into the most important moments of all. And for these precious kids we get to love on while we have them close.:)

  8. First of all your daughter’s picture is so adorable!!!! I want to pick her up and hug he she is so cute.
    I like your comment that you made here,
    “No. Because Jesus never saw interruptions as “interruptions.” He just saw moments. He just saw God-directed opportunities. And He just saw people. In need of love.”
    Me Too Moments filled with Mommy Moments. Every moment counts. Every time our little ones reach out for us, is an opportunity to love and that is enough. We Momma’s have a ministry of loving our kids. I really like your post and I feel very convicted with your words of wisdom and truth. Thank You. Your post reminds me what is really important and who is the most important. My children truly are and yet it is me who is constantly distracted by other things that I think I need or want to do. Thank you for being real with us.

    • Lisa,
      I am so touched by your thoughtful comment. Thank you for reading with open eyes and an open heart. There are so many things constantly going through my head of what I “should” do, “want” to do, “need” to do. There are sometimes so many voices saying different things—it’s hard to hear Jesus speak what He values most. It’s funny how often obeying Jesus, even when it’s difficult does lead us to more joy. (It’s like He intended it that way!;) Often when I push through to fulfill my “to-do” list and ignore those who are around me (including the Holy Spirit!) I just feel shallow and empty, kind of hollow. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s grace..and how He leads us in the way of love and embracing others. May we continue to see the “interruptions” as “opportunities” to love in a real and tangible way! 🙂

  9. Again, I find I must smile and celebrate that I am not alone in my struggles. I sit here in the midst of a laundry-blanketed couch with my sweet toddler announcing, “Davy help!” As he proceeds to unfold all those carefully folded towels and the rest of my to-do list beckons(ok. Screams bloody murder), I just had to come and read and be ”interrupted” by God. Thanks for being His instrument.

    • I love how you said your to-do list “screams bloody murder.” LOL. I really love hearing you share your experience as you too have a “little helper.” 🙂 How they un-do our agendas and everything we are trying to be. And is in the un-doing we find Christ. So glad you can relate…and are allowing those divine “interruptions” to do something greater than all the to-do lists put together could ever accomplish! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective ! 🙂

  10. Thank you for your post! I really liked it. I love how you take moments in your life and compare them to Jesus’ life. Jesus Christ is the example we should follow. He is the way, the TRUTH, and the life (St. John 14:6). 🙂 I have a fifteen month old daughter. And our daughters ARE the reason we are home. 🙂 May God be with you and your precious daughter.

    • Kim,
      You are absolutely right! Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! It’s amazing how He continues to show Himself in motherhood and everyday situations–if I only have ears to hear what He is saying. And like you said, our daughters are the reason we’re home! For some reason it’s easy to forget that!! They are not the obstacle to some superior goal or accomplishment–they ARE the goal. They ARE the accomplishment. They ARE the blessing to enjoy. May God refresh us with the true purpose of our being home with these little ones! They truly are a blessing–and meant to be enjoyed as such.

  11. Beautiful. Thanks for capturing my days in wide lens and helping me to see life with little ones from a fresh perspective. Though I’ve never met you Rebekah, and likely never will… I’m very thankful for your words. Jesus used you today to bless this mom’s heart 🙂

    • Sue,
      That means so much to me. It’s the very reason I write at all. I’m so glad you could see the bigger picture and get a glimpse of what God sees–and what He values most. May you continue with the renewed sense of purpose and vision with joy for these everyday, often unglamorous situations-where Christ breaks through in a tangible way! So often through the “un-doing” of our agendas and appearances…God is “doing” something in our hearts, and helping us see. I am so glad you can relate, and we as mom’s can glory in this together. 🙂

  12. Wow what an amazing post!!!! I felt like you were writing from my head- then the epiphany about Jesus stopped me in my tracks. SO TRUE! Wow I just live your blog so much. Thank you for writing.

    • Heather,
      It is so refreshing and encouraging to hear that you both love and “live” my blog!!! 😉 You made me smile! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. It’s so true, and yet so easy to forget…that these “interruptions” are the opportunities Jesus has laid out before us to love one another. (How often I fail!) And yet, He gives us more grace, and opens our eyes, and speaks to our hearts with such gentleness to help us see. May He totally overflow you with JOY as those divine “interruptions” come! I’m glad to have you as a reader:)

  13. What if….those people that we are shrugging off as obstacles of our goal….were always intended to be the object of it? I remember hearing the quote many years ago…And it was a life changer. My agenda means little when it comes to ministry. I pray often…that that concept always applies to my sweet family as well.

    • Vanesa,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You are right. It is easy to skip over our family when we think about “ministry.” And yet, they are the most important “ministry” we could ever have!
      Much love,

  14. Bekah,
    I love your posts. Thanks for continuing to write with honesty, sincerity, and your bits of humor too 🙂 Let’s catch up soon! Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

    • Kath,
      I have been thinking about you lately and have been missing you terribly! Yes, let’s catch up soon! Thank you so much for reading…and appreciating my humor. I can’t wait for you to be a mom; you will soon have your own collection of wild stories to share! 🙂

  15. Rebekah,
    I think all those random button pressing she does only leaves your followers in greater anticipation for the next amazing post! 🙂 Honestly though, I always find myself so excited when I see a new one up!

    As I was reading this I began to think of what Jesus’ home would look like if he were my children’s mom. I imagine there would always be sticky floors and dish filled sinks. He would be found either on the floor with dolls and legos, or dancing with two little hands.

    Such a beautiful reminder of what is truly important!

    • Sasha,
      Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement. It truly means so much to me! And thank you for being a faithful reader–even though I am painfully slow at times;) Yeah, I think you are right–Jesus often did things that didn’t seem to make sense on the “success scale.” But in God’s eyes they had all the value in the world. And it’s hard to remember in today’s culture that there are many things “unseen” by other people, that God cherishes deeply, and that he rewards those things that are in secret. Motherhood is full of those unseen, unnoticed moments. But God sees them all! I hope to keep learning how to let my agenda be disarmed and rearranged by the Spirit who loves us so!
      “Let the little children come!”:)
      Thanks again, I really love and value your thoughts!

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