Want to Share Your Testimony?

Hi There!

Do you have a testimony you’d like to share of how God took YOU from “Barren to Beautiful”? We want to hear it. This is a place to encourage one another to trust the Lord. To share the things God has done, or is in the process of doing. This is a place to give God the glory. And to tell of His mighty works! 

Maybe God has healed your womb, or maybe He has satisfied your soul, even as you wait on Him. Maybe He’s totally changed your perspective to embrace JOY, instead of despair. Maybe you used to be physically barren–and now have a beautiful child, or children through childbirth or adoption. Maybe He’s just coming alive in you…and your sisters need to hear about it.

If so, I encourage you to share your story!

Just a few guidelines:

-Please keep these testimonies encouraging to your sisters. To give hope.

-Give the glory to God.

-Do not name any specific drugs, supplements, or links for fertility related stuff.  (This isn’t the place for that, sorry. But feel free to swap personal info with each other, if you want to discuss more specifically.)

-Keep things biblically sound. 🙂

-Try (if possible) to keep your testimony under 800 words. (This makes it a bit easier for me.;)

-Let me know if you want me to keep your last name private, or change your first name, for confidentiality.

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