A Prayer for the Longing Heart


Show me your Glory. I want to long for you like a young lover. I want to chase you and find you. I want to hunger and thirst. To long. I want to climb, and hide away. I want you to show me the heights of the land. And the depths of the sea. Oh God, I want to know your love.

And make it known.

I want to be one with you. And not distant. I want to be fully exposed to you. I don’t want to be numb the rest of my life. I don’t want to be pushed here and there with the culture–or the the trends of social media and news feeds. I need a firm place to stand.

What do you want to speak?

What do you want me to hear?

There is steadiness in you. You hold me right here, as the waves buffet. 

Everyone screams. Everyone calls out. The waves are wild. The wind is strong. We’re not pretending. The storm is real. 

And so are you. 

You stand out there and walk on the waves. You defy gravity. The storm we all fear–you walk with simplicity over. 

And you call me to trust. And you call me out, 

to you.

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4 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Longing Heart

  1. Just wanted to come by and say out of the myriads of things I have read these past several days, this one post has stayed with me. I didn’t write sooner only because I was-oddly enough for me-struck wordless. The intimacy echoed the deep recesses of my heart and stirred me to remembrance. My hope this wonderful season of resurrection is to stay in that joy of utter trust in Him and complete reliance in His love. Thank you for your openness. Have a blessed Easter, Rebekah.

    • Nothing makes me happier than to know that you were drawn into deeper intimacy with God through this. I was really hesitant to put this up, because it actually came straight off the pages of my journal. I stumbled upon it, and when I did, I didn’t even remember writing it, but it cut to my heart each time I read through it. I want this to be my cry, and I want this to be my longing. Anyway, I just felt the Lord’s prompt to “share this.” And that’s the only reason I did. I’m so glad to hear your response, and your heart longing after Him. It is beautiful.

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  3. Prayer for john Closson and Sandra Louis reconciliation for relationship in Jesus name families in need not only mine but others

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